The Pennsylvania Society celebrates the diversity of the Commonwealth and of its members. Early members of the Society included Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab and Andrew W. Mellon. Today, the members of the Society come from many professions and many walks of life.  These men and women live throughout Pennsylvania, throughout the United States and all over the world. They are educators, scientists, bankers, business people, attorneys, politicians and clergy.




Members may subscribe to the Annual Dinner for themselves and guests. The Annual Luncheon Meeting is held in the spring; members and their guests have the privilege of attending this luncheon. Members are also encouraged to participate in all activities and initiatives of the Society.


Active Members

Active members include any person who is a native of Pennsylvania; or the descendant of a native of Pennsylvania who is or was a Society member; or a current resident of Pennsylvania; or a previous resident of Pennsylvania for seven consecutive years; or a graduate of an accredited college or university in Pennsylvania with an undergraduate or graduate degree.


Associate Members

Associate members include any person who does not qualify as an active member. The associate member must either have a substantial financial interest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or have made a significant contribution to the well-being of Pennsylvania or its citizens. The associate member will pay the same dues as an active member but will be denied voting rights and cannot serve on Council.

Dues and Entrance Fees

New members are asked to pay a one-time entrance fee of $300. Dues are currently $100 per year. An optional life membership is available for a fee of $1,500 without regard to the age of the member.

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