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The Pennsylvania Society's Benjamin Franklin Scholar Award invites Pennsylvania public school juniors to submit an original essay discussing the modern-day relevance of a Benjamin Franklin quote.

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 quote is:

“Tis a Common Observation here that our Cause is the Cause of all Mankind; and that we are fighting for their Liberty in defending our own. ’Tis a glorious Task assign’d us by Providence; which has I trust given us Spirit and Virtue equal to it, and will at last crown it with Success.” 


Franklin, Benjamin. “Letter to Samuel Cooper, May 1, 1777.” The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, 

Email with any questions.


2024 Scholar Award Winners


First Prize $6,000

Emma Noss – Avonworth High School, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County


Second Prize $4,000

Shloka Kari - Downingtown East High School, Exton, Chester County


Third Prize $2,000

Morgyn Thomas - Somerset Area Senior High School, Somerset, Somerset County

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